Complaint Letter for Poor Service of Internet Connection

You are Mahesh Kumar/Rajshsree, a customer of Airtel Broadband. Write a letter to the Customer Care Department, Airtel regarding the poor service of Internet connection. You are a resident of A-30, Defence Colony, New Delhi.

A-30, Defence Colony
New Delhi

29th July, 2019

The Manager
Customer Care Department (Broadband)
Airtel, Exchange Defence colony
New Delh – 110032

Subject: Poor Broadband Service


I am a customer of your reputed broadband service and my customer ID is 41721. The Internet service at my home is very poor and I have to restart the modem or adjust the cables 10-12 times to get it working every time. Even after that, it works only for 5-7 minutes and then the modem restarts itself.

I have already raised several complaints on the helpline number but the issue has not been rectified as yet. It seems that there is some hardware issue with modem and it needs replacement as it keeps on restarting and its indicators are also not in proper order. I would highly appreciate if you would look into the matter to deliver the best to its customers.

Thanking you

Yours faithfully
Mahesh Kumar
Mobile No. 9134423547

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