Complaint Letter for Replacement of Colour TV

You are Divyansh/Divyanshi of C-25 Subhash Nagar, New Delhi. Recently, you purchased, a colour TV which is not working properly. Write a letter of complaint to Messrs Frontier Electronics Corporation, Karol Bagh, New Delhi asking for its immediate replacement. Invent necessary details.

C-25 Subhash Nagar
New Delhi

26th February 2020

The Sales Manager
Messers Frontier Electronics Corporation
Karol Bagh, Delhi

Subject: Regarding the Complain of Colour TV


This is with reference to the purchase of colour T.V set from your outlet against cash memo number 123 dated January 2nd. For about a month, it worked well. But about 15 days ago, the T.V. set started giving trouble. It is not working properly. Earlier there was a sound problem detected in the set. I thought that it was due to a weak signal. But it recurred with more frequency. When I tried to adjust the knobs, the picture got blurred sometimes even the colours fade away.

Since the T.V set is within the warranty period of 2 years, you are requested to get the defects, rectified by your service engineer. In case the set is beyond repair, kindly get it replaced.

Hoping for early favourable action.

Your sincerely

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