Complaint Letter for Sewage Problem in Locality

You are Kartik of 104, Basant Vihar, Agra. Write a letter to the Mayor of your city, complaining about the sewage problem in your locality.

104, Basant Vihar

28th September, 20XX

The Mayor

Subject: Overflowing Sewage in Our Colony


Through this letter, I would like to draw your attention towards the sewage problem in our colony.

Due to the blockage in sewers ahead, the sewers in our colony are overflowing, making the lanes dirty.

It is difficult to walk and even drive vehicles. It gives out a foul smell and has become a breeding place for flies and mosquitoes and a cause for many diseases. Life has become miserable. Many complaints through phone have been made but no action has yet been taken.

Kindly look into the matter seriously and relieve us from this problem.

In anticipation of quick action.

Yours sincerely

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