Complaint Letter: Taps Left Open, Waste of Water

Some taps in your locality are left open all day resulting in a tremendous waste of water. Write a letter to the Municipal Commissioner of your town/city, complaining about the problem. Suggest ways in which this waste of water can be prevented.

Flat No. 67
A.D.A. Colony, Stanly Road,
Allahabad- 211003

2nd March 2020

The Municipal Commissioner,
Municipal Corporation,

Dear Sir,

I would like to bring to your notice the problem of water wastage caused due to the irresponsible use of public taps in my area. I live in a locality adjoining a slum that is mostly inhabited by poor families. To serve their water needs, there are around eight taps that supply drinkable water round the clock. However, it is quite disturbing to see that many of these families leave the taps running, thus causing tremendous wastage of this essential natural resource. Many of these taps are in need of repair and maintenance. I presume that the same problem prevails in many other localities.

This is contributing to the scarcity of water. According to a newspaper report, the amount of water wasted in this way could very well serve the needs of a large section of the people. I would kindly request you to take immediate steps to stop this wastage.

People should be made aware of the importance of water and how it can be used without wastage. They should be trained in the repair and maintenance of these taps so they may not have to wait for a plumber. Apart from this, a heavy penalty should be imposed if any family or individual is caught leaving the taps running after use. These steps would go a long way in making people more responsible.

I would request you to take immediate steps to address this problem.

Thanking you.

Yours faithfully,
A. Saleem.

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