60 Conjunction Examples in Sentences

Conjunctions are words used to connect sentences, words, phrases, and clauses. They are also called connectors or linkers.

Here are some examples of Conjunctions in sentences:

1. This school is very good and the teachers are excellent.

2. Should I take the bus or should I go by car?

3. He is an intelligent and honest boy.

4. Henry is as strong as Jacob.

5. He is so fat that he cannot sit in a chair.

6. She tried her best but she could not complete the assignment on time.

7. Hammer the iron while it is hot.

8. Not only Emily but also July participated in poetry recitation.

9. The mango tree is taller than the guava tree.

10. I will report the matter to the police if you do not return my money.

11. He is sharp but very careless.

12. The clerk was not promoted although he was hardworking.

13. Emily refused to carry an umbrella though the sky was overcast.

14. He got ready and left for office.

15. She will have to pay a higher rent or vacate the house.

16. Take your seat lest someone else should occupy it.

17. I was planning to visit Japan but I could not get a visa.

18. The judge will pardon you if you confess what you have done.

19. Will you renovate the house or sell it off?

20. The endangered species will become extinct unless something is done about it.

21. Philip is a wealthy man but he is not happy.

22. She was invited to the party but she did not attend it.

23. It rained and farmers sowed their fields with corn.

24. Neither the parents nor the children attended the marriage.

25. Henry makes friends in no time whereas her brother is shy.

26. She has watched the play several times still she enjoys watching it again and again.

27. She can wear a blue dress or a red one.

28. She was sick, therefore she did not go to work.

29. She and her siblings study in the same school.

30. Have a balanced diet so that you remain healthy.

31. She ate an apple and a banana for breakfast.

32. No sooner did the leader begin his speech than the crowd started shouting slogans.

33. I do not care whether you stay on or go home.

34. Do not bunk your classes lest you should miss the most important lectures.

35. We can reach the island by ship or helicopter.

36. The patient does not remember when he was admitted to the hospital.

37. No sooner had the movie started than electricity failed.

38. His behaviour is so bad that nobody likes him.

39. Handle the bottle of medicine with care or it will fall down and break.

40. The woman was weeping loudly as if she had lost something dear to her.

41. The guard waved the green flag and the train started to move.

42. Emily is not so courageous as Jane.

43. All the students will get A+ grades if they put in enough hard work.

44. New York is not more crowded than London.

45. While I enjoyed boating in the Naini Lake, my friends enjoyed rock-climbing.

46. Some businessmen will be punished by the law because they have not paid the taxes.

47. Hardly had the conductor blown the whistle when the driver started the bus.

48. Neither my brother nor I have broken the spectacles.

49. Henry has not worked at all, therefore, he will not get a single penny.

50. Jane took her English examination today while Henry took his Mathematics examination.

51. Mr Dickens is such a good man that I can never forget him.

52. His Drawing is excellent but his Mathematics is poor.

53. Doctors have put a plaster on the boy’s arm as it was fractured.

54. Sherlyn can opt for English or Economics.

55. The young man is talking forcefully as if he were a political leader.

56. Run faster so that you do not lag behind others.

57. Too much money can spoil our habits whereas poverty can make us starve.

58. Either you are really very rich or you are pretending to be rich.

59. His shirt got torn as he had a fight with a stranger.

60. Hardly had I reached Last Vegas when my brother called me back to London.

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