Dad and the Cat and the Tree – Important Questions

Important Question and Answers

Q. How did Dad try to get to the child the first time?

Ans. First time Dad got a ladder from the shed and kept it against the tree and tried to climb the tree.

Q. When Dad fell from the ladder the first time, where did he fall down?

Ans. First time Dad fell down in the flower bed from the ladder.

Q. How did Dad fall the second time?

Ans. The second time when Dad swung from the ladder onto the branch, the branch broke and he fell down.

Q. What was Dad’s plan C?

Ans. According to plan C, Dad climbed on a high wall and from there jumped onto the bend of the tree.

Q. Finally how was the cat rescued?

Ans. When Dad jumped on the bend of the tree he landed on the cat. The cat gave a squeal and jumped down and Dad got struck on the tree.

Q. What type was the tree?

Ans. The tree was wobbly and tall.

Q. What did Mum say to Dad?

Ans. Mum was caring and anxious about Dad. She asked him to be careful, so that he didn’t fall and injure himself.

Q. Was the cat free?

Ans. The cat giving a yell, jumped to the ground as Dad landed on him.

Q. What happened to Dad?

Ans. Dad got stuck up in the crook of the tree trunk.

Q. What was the plan A?

Ans. According to Plan A, the father had to reach the tree top with the help of a ladder but this plan could not succeed as the ladder slipped and father fell on the ground. Thus the plan was a failure.

Q. What was Plan B and what were its consequences?

Ans. When Dad’s plan A got failed, he was not discouraged. He thought of Plan B. Dad swung himself onto a branch. The branch broke and Mum grew restless. This time father fell on the ground and hit himself hard.

Q. How did the narrator’s father dismiss his wife’s warnings?

Ans. The narrator’s father dismissed his wife’s warnings in the way that when his wife warned him for the first time, he was really astonished because he was a good climber who could not fall. The second time when his wife warned him he laughed at her, finding her warnings to be a funny joke and nothing more than that.

Q. Why was Mum afraid about Dad?

Ans. Mum was afraid because Dad was a boastful person. He become ready to get the cat down the tree. He used to think himself to be a great climber and used to say that climbing was a child’s play. The Mum was afraid that if he fell down, he would break his bones or his neck.

Q. How can you say that failure was the fate of the Dad?

Ans. It is true that failure was in the fate of the Dad as when he got a ladder, it slipped and Dad fell down but he was safe and sound as he fell on the flower bed. Next when Dad swung himself on a branch, it broke and again Dad was on the ground. In his last attempt, Dad jumped on the tree from the garden wall, but he got stuck in the tree and could not get down success. In this way failure was the fate of Dad every time but he was not discouraged.

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