Debate on A Career Counsellor Is the Best Person to Guide You in the Choice of a Career

“A career counsellor (not you, yourself) is the best person to guide you in the choice of a career.” Write a debate in 150-200 words either for or against the motion.

Good morning judges, teachers and students. I take this opportunity to present my position in favour of the topic.

In my view a career counsellor is the best person to guide you in the choice of a career. Whether it is a choice between the streams in Class XI or choosing from the many diverse subjects in college, we all get a lot of advice from friends, family and well-wishers but then too much advice means more confusion. A person who has a thorough knowledge of all available options and can guide us best through experience is the career counsellor. He or she is best equipped to give us advice and information about the best course or career to pursue according to our skills and aptitude. The world is developing at a very rapid rate and this is generating multiple choices of diverse courses and careers. This is also creating plenty of confusion. To solve the doubts one needs to approach a person who is familiar with all the changes and is up to date with the most modern developments. A career counsellor not only provides multiple options to choose from but also guides us according to our inclinations and capabilities. They also conduct self-assessment tests to understand the aptitude of the candidates.This goes a long way in guiding us to choose our dream career.

In my opinion, one should always rely on a career counsellor to take the most important decision of their life. Thanks you.

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