Debate on Academic Excellence is the Only Requirement for a Successful Career

“Academic excellence is the only requirement for a successful career.” Write a debate either for or against the motion. (120 – 150 words)

Respected Chairperson, Honourable, Members of the Jury and my worthy opponents. Good morning to you all.

Today, I Jayati, stand before you to speak against the motion that “Academic excellence is the only requirement for a successful career”. The pressure of today’s fast paced life has burdened us to do better and better academically and peer pressure, our parents and teachers as well reinforce this on us again and again. In our society grades and numbers rule the future of a child. This undue pressure drags a student towards a life of monotony and stress. But in my opinion, to have a successful career and a content life, the most important thing is to pursue one’s passion. There are so many options like music, dance and sports, etc. which have a very bright future if pursued with dedication and perseverance. Sports in India, have a great future but to become a proficient sportsperson, one has to be passionate about that particular sport and work hard with an undeterred determination. And the same applies to the genre of music and dance as career options. To be academically sound and have a degree is important but to have undue pressure to make a career choice with something which is not of one’s interest can make a person depressed and dull.

I would like to conclude by saying that academic excellence is not the only requirement for a successful career, one has to be passionate about whatever one is doing.

Thank you

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