Debate on Boarding Schools Are Better Than Day Schools

Boarding schools are far better than day schools for the all-round education of a child’’. Express your views either for or against this statement.

Debate on Boarding Schools Are Far Better Than Day Schools

For the statement

I agree with the statement that Boarding schools are far better than day schools for the all-round education of the child. Because, here children are completely in custody of the school and their parents are just behind the curtain. They hand over their children in safe hands who can inculcate the sense of discipline, punctuality, selfservice, a sense of responsibility, teaching them extracurricular activities, sports, a strong base of studies without coachings, art of self-dependence etc.

Normal day schools cannot meet all these needs of parents and students, because of the lack of time. Here children attend school normally for 6 to 8 hours only. Parents’ involvement in a child’s development is important. They decide about their future. So nothing much can be done in day schools.

When a child is living in boarding with his teachers, mentors, wardens and fellow students, they take the decisions independently. They become self-reliant and sometimes they turn out to be good citizens, good officers in civil services, army etc. They live a very happy and disciplined civilized life. In day schools, parents support their children, they make decisions on their behalf, which itself is a big obstruction in the education system of a child.

In boarding school the mentors and teachers take good care of the students because the strength of students in each class is just 40 or 50. Here mentors and teachers work out to find out the weak subjects and weak points of the students and help them and polish them. Whereas in day schools, the big strength of students in the class becomes the hindrance in their over-all educational development. For me, the boarding schools are far better than day schools.

Against the Statement

I totally disagree with the statements that, ‘Boarding Schools are far better than Day schools for the all-round education of a child. Because in Boarding schools a child is living very far from his family. A child constantly misses and remembers his family which does not allow him to concentrate on his studies, he is not helped or guided by his own parents. Sometimes school forces him to do things, without considering his choice. He is forced to do a job, if he doesn’t, then he gets punished. In a day school, a child can be absent according to his wish but in boarding it is compulsory to attend all the lectures.

When a child studies in Day school, his studying hours are restricted, he is free and happy with his family, mostly on the child’s birthday, festivals etc. But in boarding, a child gets bored and keeps missing the family members, the celebration of festivals, etc. He cannot go out without the school’s permission.

In Day school, a child can discuss any matter regarding the school with his family, the other but in boarding schools, they cannot do so. They are watched the whole time. In day school, if any child bullies someone, proper action could be taken by the child’s parents. But in boardings, bullying is a common practice and children remain fearful of their seniors most of the time. Some incidents of suicide are found in boarding schools and parents are unable to find out the causes behind them. According to me, Day schools are any time better than the boarding schools. And they are not very expensive like the boarding schools, which only rich people can afford nowadays.

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