Debate on Career Counsellor is the Best Person to Guide You in the Choice of a Career

“A career counsellor (not you, yourself) is the best person to guide you in the choice of a career.” Write a debate in 150-200 words either for or against the motion.

Honourable Chairperson, Members of Jury and my dear friends, I am Pulkit and I am here to speak for the motion “A career counsellor is the best person to guide you in the choice of a career.”

The world is changing at a fast pace. New avenues are coming up; but how the young children can be made aware of the opportunities For students, it is their moulding period. They focus mainly on studies. But not all students are bright academically and it does not mean that they can’t do anything. They might be gifted with another type of talent or skill like : music, atheletics, visual intelligence. The good thing in it is that there are good opportunities out in the world for such talent. A Career Counseller works as a guide to help them to understand and utilise those opportunities. Finding their worth, recognising their interests and choosing the right career path for themselves becomes too much of a burden for the students. So, the role of a career counsellor is to help them to find and acknowledge the area of their interest and guide them to the right career options. They provide career mapping support and motivation to the students and help to boost their morale. So, let us not be a parasite on the society. Let us make an intelligent and professional move and step ahead in the right direction with the help of those who are more aware and informed.

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