Debate on Every Home Should Adopt a Pet Animal

Every home should adopt a pet animal. Express your views either for or against this statement.

Every Home Should Adopt a Pet Animal

For the Statement

Taming of pet animals is not a new fashion. Even our ancestors and early man did the same and we are just following them. It is said that an animal is more faithful than human being. And I totally agree with the statement that every home should adopt a pet animal. I believe to this extent that, pets of our house are also members of our family. They give us lot of love, joy and pleasure in times of dismay. What is the harm if our cats and dogs play with our children, entertain them, or, if they are petted, or, if they are made to sit in our laps, or if we take them outdoors? They provide us unconditional love and devotion and they prove their faithfulness.

If they are not kept as pets at home they turn out to be stray and dangerous animals for the others. Just think about stray dogs. How dangerous are they, whenever you tease them or other dogs enter in their area, they become violent. They keep barking at every passer-by. Sometimes they bite humans and other dogs too. They spread out rabies. In their natural environment they are not fed properly. Whereas, if they are someone’s pet, they are looked after nicely, they are kept in hygienic places, they are given vaccination of proper time. They are fed properly and they drink lots of milk.

Animals can be kept inside or outside the home. They are trained only to bark at strangers. Lot of robbery, murder cases, drugs cases are solved with their help. Nowadays when both husband and wife are working outside, their children can be taken care of by their pets who provide them safety. Not only do pets enrich our lives with their company and comfort, but we do more for them than they would have done for themselves. We provide them luxurious and easy life as opposed to living day to day just trying to survive. According to me pets are our companions; they should be kept in our homes.

Against the Statement

Think of a position, if you are a tamed pet animal, and somebody would lock you in his home? That person is feeding you nicely, in return he wants your company for some personal fantasy. He has separated you from your family, friends and society just to maintain his status symbol in his society. Isn’t he being unfair to you just for fun, status or some other reason? When humans have all the freedom then why not the pet animals?

According to PETA and some animal activists, not only are we separating our pet animals from their natural surrounding but are also stopping their evolution for multiplying. Why are humans so selfish for their personal greed of possessing pet animals in homes?

The argument is that cats, dogs and other pets suffer too much at our hands. We may be right in providing them good homes, food and care. However in real world, animals suffer from cruelty, abandonment and they feel neglected.

Our selfish desire of possessing them causes immeasurable suffering, which results from manipulating their breeding, selling or giving them away and depriving them of the opportunity to engage in their natural behaviour. They are forced to listen to the command of their masters. They can eat, drink and urinate only when their masters allow them to.

In some European countries, craze for pet animals is increasing day by day. Dogs tails are cut off and cats are declawed to make lady selling –both are painful and cruel processes. Lots of dogs are purchased only to win dog shows. Animals are sometimes beaten up by their masters if they disobey.

According to me, animals should not be adopted as pets. Even they have the right to live with freedom. Specially birds should not to be caged because it is a torture, they are unable to stretch their muscles or even fly in the cage for the rest of their life. They die because of isolation from their families.

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