Debate on Mobile Phones Should Be Allowed in Schools

“The use of mobile phones must be allowed in schools”. Express your views either for or against the statement.

Mobile Phones Must Be Allowed in Schools

For the Statement

We all are living in 21st century which is the age of science and technology. All the scientists of the world are inventing new technology to ease our life and give us comfort. Mobile phones or smart phones are invented to give us comfort and update ourselves with the knowledge of the world, at a fingertip away. When every person or class is using mobile phone, from minister to hawker, then why the use of mobile phone is not allowed in schools? Students are also the major part of our society, then why they are restricted from using mobile phones in schools? Nowadays, all children are going for extra classes or coaching before or after school. They are out for almost 8 to 10 hours daily. If they carry mobile phones, at least their parents can trace their whereabouts. Female students should carry mobiles because sometimes they are teased or kidnapped very often, but if they carry mobile phones to school, it will certainly help her in saving themselves. Even when on roads, students come across many accidents or their vehicles create some problem, they can inform their parents about it. Also, if they get delayed in coaching class, they can always inform at home about it.

It is not compulsory that students are always using cell phones for chatting, using facebook or whatsapp purpose only. These phones if allowed by the school, would help them in recording their lectures, they can make projects, finish assignments and submit online too. Carrying one mobile phone will not be that heavy as compared to carrying heavy bags to school. Teaching and learning on mobile phone could turn out interesting for both teachers and students.

According to me, I am strongly in favour of the use of mobile phones in schools.

Against the Statement

I am strongly against the statement that the use of mobile phones must be allowed in school. Mobiles phones should not at be allowed in schools because they will spoil the students. They will not concentrate at all on then studies. They will not listen to teacher’s lectures, instead, they will listen to music or watch movies with earphones on. They will be busy sending SMS texts, chatting on whatsapp, surfing on facebook, making MMS of some other female students and they will watch wrong sites. Then they could also cheat or enquire answers on phones. They will spoil the name and reputation of the school too.

Educational or extracurricular activities will be replaced. Unhealthy competitions of possessing the latest model and hottest brand of cell phones will arise. They will get distracted and not pay attention towards their studies and teachers. According to me, schools are meant for imparting education, knowledge, inculcating good and healthy habits among the children. But if mobile phones are allowed to them, then they are encouraging even cyber crimes within their campus.

Instead, in case of emergency, teachers and students should switch off their cell phones and use only school landline or dot phones if required. The disadvantages of using mobile phone in schools are many, which could be avoided if only the schools restrict the use of mobile phone in their campus.

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