Debate on Money Causes More Harm Than Good

“Money causes more harm than good.” Express your views either for or against this statement.

Money Causes More Harm Than Good

For the statement

In this world nobody can survive without money. Money has become a primary necessity of human society. But having too much money than one needs can cause more harm than good. I do agree with this statement. If one has money in limits then naturally he will use it wisely and save little for his future also. But if a person has excess of money then his habits will naturally get spoilt. He would certainly not help any poor or needy. Instead he will adopt many bad habits to bring a comfort to his life. Some people become so greedy and blind in lust of earning more money and fame, that they can go to the extent of committing crimes like, murdering and killing people for the sake of money and property. Even blood relations are give up for their greed. To earn more money, even the noble profession of doctors go at stake. Doctor’s play with the life of their patients. Normal treatments are converted into surgeries. They admit patients for small surgeries and they remove some of their body parts like kidneys etc. and sell them at huge profits. Even lawyers are minting money from their clients by misleading and misguiding them. Some people get in the bad business of liquor, prostitution, drugs, smuggling, gambling etc just to multiply their profits. Even their children bribe their teachers and agents for getting good marks. Money is required to live in a safe and comfortable home, for good food to eat and for the ability to visit family and friends, other than that why do we need money? Besides making money, we can always spend good time with our family and loved ones and enjoy our career. Time is more valuable than money. Money is never permanent in anyone’s destiny, it comes and goes. But if we don’t give time to our family and children, then what is the use of possessing so much of wealth? Instead, time should be invested in a good upbringing of our children, giving them love and quality friendship that will last forever.

Against the Statement

I strongly condemn the motion that ‘Money causes more harm than good’’. I fail to understand, what is the harm in having more money? Though money is not everything, but money is something very important in today’s time. Can we live in simple house; have simple and same food all the time? Can we live in two sets of clothes throughout our lives? If we are doing this even our children will leave us and run away, they will consider us back-dated people, not fit for survival in the society. Who would like to work as waiters, gate-keepers or peons throughout their lives? Every one dreams of progress. If we are making money and doing something better for our future we are not harming anyone. Beyond our basic needs, if we have surplus of money then also it helps us in achieving our ambitions and life’s goals, and in supporting us and our loved ones. In this way we can care more for our family, their education, their health, fun, travel, entertainment, adventures and charity etc. With money if we are bringing a smile, joy or happiness in our own family then also we are doing no harm. Money is an essential commodity which makes our life easy and gives us lot of comfort and happiness. In this society, if there is one rich person and ten poor people, one rich person can employ ten people in his business and he could bring happiness in ten families’ life. All fingers of our hand are not same in size or shape. Similarly, not all rich people having lot of money harm the society. Just look at Tata, Birla and Reliance, they are rich but are they doing good to the individuals and society in general by creating lot of job opportunities for the youth of our nation? Only a person who is greedy and cruel and who has a lot of money, will be harming the society for his selfish needs.

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