Debate on No Detention Policy for Classes Sixth to Eighth Is Academically Very Unsound

‘No detention policy for classes sixth to eighth is academically very unsound.’ Write a debate in 150-200 words either for or against the motion.

Honourable Chairperson, Respected judges and my dear friends. Today, I am standing before you to express my arguments against the viewpoint that the policy of no detention till class VIII is not in the interest of students.

Perhaps, the main culprits behind all this propaganda are the ones who want to cash in on this idea by making the students to go for more and more tuition classes. The fact is that education is not a thing that should be bound up in the trap of examination; where students are made to sit for exams all the time in order to get the tag of ‘Pass’ or ‘Fail’.

As one of my friends presented his point that such a policy of no detention is making students careless, I’d like to tell my dear friend that it is better to be careless rather than to adopt unfair means to pass the exams – as we read about such incidents in the news everyday.

The tension of exams is making students mentally sick. I am afraid that the period/time, that should be used in gaining pure knowledge without any pressure of detention may be lost in the tension about failing in exams.

There is also another advantage of this ‘no detention policy’ that more and more students, without any such fear of failure, will attend the school with full enthusiasm and will make themselves ready automatically for the period of maturity. There they will benefit from their feelings of confidence and eagerness to go ahead, without any tension of passing or failing that will lead them towards a healthy and bright future.

Thank you.

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