Debate on No Other Subject Is as Important as Moral Science

“No other subject taught in school is as important as Moral Science.” Express your views either for or against this statement.

For the Statement

The destiny of a nation depends on the character of its people. Today’s children are tomorrows future. The children of today should not only be made aware of core value thoughts but also should be encouraged to the commitment to upholding them in real life through practice. It is the first basic step in education at school, where through a well-structured study of books, moral values are imparted. Being secular in character, valuable insight is provided in all religions through stories.

Moral science not only helps us in imbibing good moral values but also enables us to differentiate between good and evil. It moulds our character, personality, and equips us with good etiquette and manners making our lives happy and wholesome.

Education and advancement in any field without good moral values and character brings about chaos and ruin. There are innumerable examples in history that bear testimony to this fact. Germany under Adolf Hitler advanced and progressed considerably. However, his misplaced notion of the superiority of the German race and profound hatred for Jews brought his country to ruins.

Moral science, thus undoubtedly, is the basic building block of our character and hence it is more important than other subjects taught in school. It not only benefits the individual but also the society at large, making the world a better place to live in.

Against the Statement

I totally disagree that “No other subject taught in school is as important as Moral Science’’. In a real sense, moral values are normally taught to a child by parents and grandparents according to the religion of a child. Home of a child frames out the discipline, what values should be taught to him and what should not etc.

India is a secular country where every religion has its own moral values. Teaching a child common moral values could be objected from some other religion. Like, we all value River Ganga as a holy river. Whereas other religions object to this matter, even Suryanamaskar is not acceptable in India completely.

In school teaching, Moral Science should not be made a compulsion, because besides Moral Science there are other subjects which could be focused on, like Maths, Science, English etc. These subjects help the children in finding their careers.

I think instead of moral science, subjects like computers and personality development should be taught. It will help make their future bright. In today’s world moral values do not hold importance in society.

Even in school, these subjects like moral science, are marked with grades. So no child is interested in learning moral science, instead, sports or some other activities should be replaced with moral science periods.

If a child is taught no moral value at home, then how would a school change his values in one period in a week? I think it should be left as an optional subject with one other subject like swimming, personality development etc.

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