Debate on Private Cars Should Be Banned in Congested Areas

Private cars should be banned in the congested commercial areas of the cities.’ Write a debate in 150-200 words either for or against the motion.

Private Cars Should Be Banned in Congested Commercial Areas

A very good morning to all of you here. Respected panel of jury members, teachers and my friends !

I, Raja, stand before you today to express my views regarding; Should private cars be banned in the congested commercial areas of cities’ ?

I am in favour of the motion. It is causing a lot of inconvenience to the people who are forced to be stuck in congested areas. We must think unconventionally and alternatively to solve this problem. The roads leading to the commercial areas should be made one way roads during the peak traffic hours, i.e., between 8 am to 10 am and 5 pm to 8 pm respectively. Heavy fine should be levied on people who wait inside their vehicles in the ‘No waiting’ area. More underground parking facilities need to be provided as there is a lack of parking lots. The officials should keep strict vigilance on this issue. It is noted, that a lot of cars generally hinders the efficiency of the commercial areas, because it creates traffic jams and they are the main cause of pollution. The Govt, should ban cars to force the people to use the public transportation provided and to reinforce the efficiency of commerce.

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