Debate on Rising Prices Can Be Controlled Only by the Government

Rising prices can be controlled only by the government’. Write a debate in 150-200 words either for or against the motion.

Respected Chairperson, Honourable Members of the Jury and my worthy opponents. Good morning to you all.

Today I, Latika, stand before you to speak for the motion ‘Rising prices can be controlled only by the government’. Price rise or inflation deeply affects the daily life of a common man in India. It is one of the biggest problems of this country. There has been a continuous rise in prices of essential consumer products, such as grains, vegetables, cooking oil, etc. There are various reasons, which cause the prices of basic consumer goods to rise. However, one of the main causes is the gap between the demand and supply of the products. High demand, low supply leads to hoarding and black marketing. The high demand essential commodities are then sold at even higher prices. The common man is the most affected at the time of inflation. They have no other options than to buy basic, everyday use products at escalated prices. If this continues to happen in the future, it will become tough for the common man to survive.

The government must empathise with the plight of the poorest of the poor and take some necessary actions to prevent prices of essential commodities from sky-rocketing.

It should put a stop to hoarding and black marketing and come up with adequate mechanisms to increase the production of the essential commodities to meet the rising demands. The needs of the common man should be looked into before exporting products to other countries. Moreover, in adverse situation, Government can utilise subsidies so that the prices can be kept low. Summing up, I would like to say that the common man can do cost cutting or check his spending capacity. But, it is the Government that can do much more than just implement laws.

Thank you

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