Debate on School Bullies Are a Menace

The Nilgiris Senior Secondary School is holding an interschool debate on the topic, School bullies are a menace, they should be expelled. You will be participating from your school in the debate. Write your debate in 150 – 200 words choosing a stand for or against the motion.

Honourable members of the Jury, respected Principal, Teachers, dear audience and my worthy opponents. Good morning to you all.

Today I, Stephan, stand before you to speak for the motion ‘School bullies are a menace; they should be expelled’. The issue of bullying has become a continuing challenge in most schools. Bullying is something that continues to affect many schools in our country. Bullying can be defined as physical, verbal or emotional attacks or pressure by someone who is viewed as being physically or mentally tougher than sufferer. Bullying is especially seen in or experienced by new students in schools and hostels. These vulnerable new students face different types of bullying which in turn makes their adjustment or stay in those new surroundings even more tough. Authorities of the school system continue to try and find ways to prevent and stop bullying but it’s still prevalent and students are threatened with dire consequences if they oppose. Teachers need to find effective ways of dealing with bullying in their classes to help their students. Social interactions in school are very important to children. Through interactions with peer groups, children develop their emotional stabilities, social skills and positive self-concepts. By punishing the offenders teachers and school authorities can instil confidence in students to come out with their issues. Such offenders should be expelled from school because such a treacherous behaviour should not be acceptable in any school at any cost. In the end I would like to conclude by saying that bullying is a menace and we all should vow to never bully anyone or support bullies.

Thank you

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