Debate on Social Media and Its Effects

You are Mukul/ Mahima of Alps Public School. Your school has organized a debate on “Social Media and Its Effects” and you will be participating from your school.

Social Media and its Effects

Greetings to the respected jury. I am Mahima of Alps Public School. I have chosen to share some views in favor of “Social media and its effects.” Social media are referred to as the advanced online platforms which help people to come and connect together. Nowadays, it has become a great medium to share and start relationship between two and more individuals. Apart from this, the social media genre has availed people quick access to precise and fundamental data. As we have seen, the schools have their own websites on which they provide academic information about the school’s regulations, rules, departments, environment and so on. The social media has also enabled people to share information not just with a group or a person, but with general public as well.

I also admit that social media helps students at large by providing them different learning platforms through which they can always search certain topics and get accurate information in just seconds. Moreover, we all are familiar with YouTube and we know, we can always watch informational videos on it that will help us to enhance our knowledge at larger scale. Besides, we can always make groups and integrate people, globally to share education-related information such as demographic details, school projects, environmental issues and much more. There are ample of groups on Facebook and Whatsapp on which we can get all the data we want, and when we want.

Moreover, there are individuals, who are afraid to talk in public and social media helps them get the confidence by increasing their knowledge without asking for help from a physical body. Through social media, people can do research on anything they are inclined to. Dear members when you are far away from your family and relatives, yet want to interact with them, then social media plays a bigger role in that arena. You can always connect through one of the interacting apps and make high-quality videos or voice calls to your family and close ones without putting in much effort or money.

At last, when you require certain item but don’t want to go out, social media helps you in carrying out the tasks that would have taken multiple hours in the first place. Summing up all my points, I will say that Social Media is good for all.

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