Debate on Teenagers Today Are More Worldly Wise Than Their Parents

“Teenagers today are more worldly-wise than their parents. “Express our views for or against the statement.

For the Statement

Today the world has changed a lot and so are the people who live in it. Previously an old aged person was considered to be an experienced person as they were known for their wisdom. But now with moving time, experience doesn’t count much.

A person who is worldly-wise is considered smart, and there are teenagers of this kind. They keep updating their knowledge through computers and the internet. While sitting on a chair, within few seconds they will guide you on how to obtain a Canadian passport or Visa. They can guide you with banking information, getting an admission in any reputed school/college of the world, obtaining legal advice etc.

Earlier people had only theoretical knowledge but lacked practical knowledge. Nowadays, teenagers are blended with both theoretical as well as practical knowledge. They get knowledge from both books and the internet, which make them more worldly-wise than their parents.

Previously their parents used to be very shy and timid. They were contented with what they had. They did not come out of their shell completely. But now teenagers are very open-minded people, they clear out everything even with their parents. This is somehow encouraging them to learn more.

Today’s tough living conditions have hardened the heart and minds of youth today. We live in a world of selfishness where survival of the fittest is the rule. The simple-minded parents who are innocent stand no chance in today’s race.

Another feature of today’s teenagers is that they are more focused on their careers. They know from an early age what they want to be and they pursue that ideal. Even the influence of television and media has sharpened their minds.

Therefore, it is fit to say that, the teenagers of today are more worldly-wise than their parents, especially among the uneducated families in India and Urban villages, where teenagers have completely transformed their families and people of their area.

Against the Statement

Agreeing with this statement would amount to casting aspersions on the wisdom of parents, to which all teenagers look up to. The teenagers’ knowledge may be significantly more on a particular subject, but with respect to worldly wisdom, they are far behind their parents. This is because parents have knowledge blended with years of experience. This makes them more worldly-wise than the teenagers, who are on the threshold of life.

Years of experiencing the many ups and downs of life, make parents are a better judges of human character and nature. They can, therefore, judge people more accurately and are not waved by superficial factors. On the other hand, teenagers are swayed by superficial, irrelevant factors which may just be a facade and far away from reality.

Moreover, teenagers being young are more enthusiastic and optimistic by nature. This is because they have seen the brighter side of life only, being protected from its harsh realities by their parents. They are therefore prone to making decisions in haste. Parents, on the other hand, being seasoned and cautious, make more rational decisions, for they take a balanced view of things. They know the virtue of patience and tolerance and are in a better position to evaluate options more logically and practically.

Besides being optimistic and rash, teenagers have a tendency to follow the dictates of the heart, rather than their mind. They are easily moved by superficial considerations like colour, looks or aesthetic appeal. On the other hand, parents make decisions on merit, with sound time tested logic, using their minds. They are less prone to error.

Thus, teenagers even today, are not more worldly-wise than their parents. They lack wisdom and experience which comes with age. These attributes are possessed by parents in ample measure. Teenagers therefore must make proper use of this invaluable resource to enrich their lives.

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