Debate on Use of Mobile Phones Has Lowered Active Social Life and Become an Addiction

“The use of mobile phones has lowered active social life and has become an addiction.” Express your views either for or against this statement.

For the Statement

I totally agree with the statement– “The use of mobile phones has lowered active social life and has become an addiction.” Research says– “A person is in an unhealthy phase of obsessive and constant cell phone use.”

Our world is now overshadowed by the so-called upcoming technology’ especially, mobile phones which play a more negative role in today’s active life. In olden times, people were not aware of what technology is. They used to spend most of their time studying, reading books etc. But the young generation is enamoured by this latest gadgetry, for it undisputedly offers many advantages, like added convenience, greater personal security, (being able to access help in an emergency) and the ability to use dead time (time spent in travelling or in leisure) to best use. It is, however, these conveniences that actually erode our social life. The urge to stay connected with our own circle of friends and relatives has made us a social outcast in the society in which we live. It is quite common to find groups of youngster’s sitting in a place talking on the phone to people far away, unaware of the presence of others. Thus, we are more concerned and connected to people far away, than those living around us. This dissuades us in cultivating new friendships, in the mistaken belief that we are more secure by staying connected to our known circle of friends. This virtual networking actually lowers our social life.

The mobile phones have caught the imagination of the youth as they now come loaded with features like. GPS, Internet access, FM radio, games etc. They are so engrossed in their phones, that it has now become an addiction. According to psychiatrists, this habit causes compulsive disorders and threatens to be one of the biggest ‘ non-drug addictions’ in the 21st century.

It totally isolates the victim from society. The mobile addict tends to neglect obligations like work or study and eventually drift away from friends. Being victims of low self-esteem, they have problems with developing social relations and are more comfortable in the virtual world. They feel insecure without their phones. Switching off their phones for some time causes anxiety, irritability, sleeplessness and even shivering and digestive problems. Besides the addictive influence, it also poses health hazards to the frequent user. Undoubtedly, mobile phones have made our lives more safe and comfortable. Nevertheless, it has definitely lowered our active social life and made us addict.

Against the Statement

I am totally against the statement that mobile phones have lowered active social life and have become an addiction. Can we imagine a world without mobile phones? Mobile phones are invented and produced to give us comfort and ease. Infact, mobile phones have made globalization possible in the whole world. The invention of the mobile phone is a boon to mankind. Mobile phones are small and thus easy to carry. We can carry it without wires and cords to any part of the world. It works either way, as a phone or we can use the internet at the same time.

The use of the internet is a blessing to the world. The social media network like WhatsApp, Facebook, Messenger, Skype, has connected us with all our friends and relatives throughout the globe. How can we say mobile phones have lowered our active social life? In fact, it has made our bond of socializing more strong. Take, for instance, I am a middle-class family citizen of India and I have many relatives living in USA, Canada, Hong Kong and Africa. It is not possible for me to visit them individually even once in my lifetime. But by the use of mobile phones through video calling, we can talk to them, see them, chat with them individually or through video conferencing we all can come together as a group, at such an economic cost of internet, which is the cheapest mode of communication today.

Addiction to mobiles depends upon the workload of a business and its types, like call centres, share-market businesses, some MNC’s, who totally depend on mobile phones day and night. But of course, a senior citizen or a housewife will not be that addicted to mobile phones day and night. So, why do we evaluate everybody on the same parameter and come to the conclusion that mobile phones have lowered active social life and have become an addiction? We should look at the brighter side of its uses and not its darker side.

But still, mobile phones have more advantages as compared to their disadvantages. If we use mobile phones for the appropriate time and use it for some good cause, then there is no harm. Anything in excess causes damage like excessive liquor, drugs etc is harmful. But if we are spending our free time chatting with our relatives and friends abroad we are doing nothing wrong, that is also in limits. So I still insist don’t jump to such conclusions, mobiles are really very helpful to mankind, they have saved many lives and have proved to be a saviour many times.

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