Debate on Value Based Education is the Only Remedy for Decreasing Crime Rate

You are Kamakshi/Kuber. You have been selected to represent your school in an All India School Debate Competition organised by the Rotary Club, Bengaluru (South). The topic for the debate is: ‘In the opinion of this house value, based education is the only remedy for decreasing crime rate amongst the educated folk.’ Write a speech in not more than 200 words for or against the motion, giving arguments for your stands.

Today I, Kuber of class XI have got the golden opportunity to express my views for the motion value based education is the only remedy for decreasing the crime rate.

Mr. Chairman, respected judges and dear friends! There can’t be two opinions on the fact that ‘Value-Based Education is the only remedy for decreasing crime rate among the educated folk.’ Sir, there is no doubt that education has been made compulsory upto the secondary level in India. However, value based education to all still remains a distant dream. Education has been practically reduced to the job of providing degrees. These degrees do help them in getting jobs in the market. However, our education system doesn’t help young men and ladies to build up their characters and morals. The result is disastrous.

Our schools, colleges and universities are producing a huge army of irresponsible and uncivilized young brutes. Crime among the educated young men have been rising at an alarming rate. Robberies, chain-snatching, eve-teasing and thefts haven’t remained the monopoly of professional uneducated criminals anymore. Many educated young men have joined their ranks.

Sir, the need of the hour is for value-based education. Moral education should be made a compulsory subject in all schools. Nationalism, patriotism, devotion and dedication to our country and its people, should be the guiding principles of our education system. Only a comprehensive and value-based education can help in the character building, moral and spiritual upliftment of the educated folk. It will certainly bring down the crime rate in them.

Thank you.

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