Degree of Comparison – Exercises for Class 5

Positive: When there is only one person or thing and there is no comparison. Eg. She is tall.

Comparative: When there are two persons or things and comparison is between the two. Eg. She is taller than me.

Superlative: When there are more than two persons or things and the comparison is between more than two things. Eg. She is the tallest girl in the class.


Q. Separate the following words into three degrees of comparison.

saddest, higher, small, prettier, heaviest, finest, short, worse, large

Q. Fill in the blanks with the correct degree of adjectives given in brackets.

  1. Emma is the ____________ swimmer in the school. (good)
  2. George is ____________ than Harry. (smart)
  3. Venus is the ____________ planet in the solar system. (hot)
  4. It is ____________ today than it was yesterday. (cold)
  5. This is a ____________ film. (good)


  1. best
  2. smarter
  3. hottest
  4. colder
  5. good

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