Determiners – Exercises for Class 7

Determiners are words that are used before a noun to indicate or determine whether something specific or particular is being referred to.


Q. Fill in the blanks with suitable determiners from the box.

an, their, the, whose, every, this, which, a

  1. ____________ dress is not ironed well.
  2. They are upset because ____________ team has lost.
  3. ____________ citizens should remember their duties.
  4. ____________ film is funnier – the one you saw yesterday or the one you saw today?
  5. Bananas are sold by ____________ dozen.
  6. Suresh saw ____________ elephant in the marketplace.
  7. ____________ paintings look beautiful.
  8. ____________ book is this?


  1. This
  2. their
  3. Every
  4. Which
  5. a
  6. an
  7. The
  8. Whose

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