Dialogue Completion for Class 11

Dialogue Completion Exercises

Q. Ravi and Raj are planning to visit Raipur. Complete the dialogues between them using the following sentences as clauses:

  • how are we going?
  • what are we carrying?
  • when I was child.

Ravi: I am really excited about the trip.
Raj: I have been to the place 1. _________.
Ravi: Tell me 2. _________. by car or by train?
Raj: We’ll be going by car. Have you decided 3. _________.


  1. when I was a child.
  2. how are we going,
  3. what are we carrying?

Q. Complete the following dialogues using suitable modals.

Ankit: Mother I have finished my home work. May I go to Anju’s house now?
Mother: No, you 1._________. not.
Ankit: Mother, it is essential that I see her before the shop closes. We 2._________. prepare this project by tomorrow morning.
Mother: In that case, you 3._________. go. But you 4._________. come home by 5.30 p.m. lest your father 5._________. be angry.
Ankit: OK! Mom! I 6._________. do as you say.


  1. can
  2. must
  3. may/can
  4. must
  5. should
  6. will

Q. Mother is annoyed at Shruti’s low score in the terminal test. Read the conversation between Shruti and her mother. Complete their conversation with suitable modals.

Mother: Shruti, you have got a very low score this time. You 1. _________. work harder in future.
Shruti: Mom, I 2. _________. read the general knowledge digest as it had been torn by mice.
Mother: That is no excuse. You 3. _________. have bought another copy. You are a bit careless. You 4. _________. have revised your courses before hand.
Shruti: I’m sorry, mom. In future I 5. _________. follow your advice. I 6. _________. fulfil your expectations.
Mother: That’s like my good girl. Temporary setbacks, shouldn’t deter you.


  1. must/ought to
  2. couldn’t
  3. could
  4. should
  5. will
  6. must

Q. Fill in the blanks with suitable modals:

Ruchi: I 1. _________. sing well but I 2. _________. dance equally well.
Shuchi: You 3. _________. take guidance from Suraj Sir. He 4. _________. give you a few tips.
Ruchi: 5. _________. you help me contact him?
Shuchi: He had gone abroad last month. I think he 6. _________. have returned by now.


  1. can
  2. can’t
  3. should
  4. will
  5. would/ could
  6. would

Q. Fill in the blanks with suitable modals:

Rashmi: Mother, there is an advertisement in the newspaper about a short-term course in fashion designing. 1. _________. I take it up?
Mother: If you think you 2. _________. cope up with it in spite of your board exams you 3. _________. join it.
Rashmi: I don’t think I 4. _________. have any problem. I 5. _________. only have to sit up till late in the night. But I’ll have to deposit ` 5,000 tomorrow.
Mother: You 6. _________. worry about that.
Rashmi: Thank you, Mom.


  1. May
  2. can
  3. may
  4. will
  5. will
  6. needn’t

Q. Complete the following dialogues using suitable modals:

Gaurav: Mother 1. _________. I go out and play?
Mother: Sorry, you 2. _________. not do so today.
Gaurav: But, I play daily at this time.
Mother: You 3. _________. accompany me to the doctor now. We 4. _________. postpone our visit because I have taken an appointment with him. If we don’t reach there by 6.30 pm, the receptionist 5. _________. cancel our appointment and 6. _________. have to wait for another week.


  1. May
  2. can
  3. must
  4. can’t
  5. will
  6. shall

Q.Complete the following dialogues with suitable modals:

Receptionist: Good morning 1. _________. I help you?
Visitor: Good morning, madam. We are planning to visit Shimla, Kullu and Manali. 2. _________. you direct me how to get there?
Receptionist: Where 3. _________. you like to go first?
Visitor: I 4. _________. prefer to go to Shimla first.
Receptionist: 5. _________. you like to go by bus or train?
Visitor: I think I 6. _________. go by train. It is more comfortable.


  1. May
  2. Could
  3. would
  4. will
  5. Would
  6. should

Q. 8. Fill in the blanks in the following conversation with meaningful sentences /clauses:

Medha: We are going to Gangtok this year.
Neha: Could you tell me 1. _________.?
Medha: We’ll go when our school closes for summer vacation.
Neha: Have you decided 2. _________. during your visit.
Medha: Oh, accommodation will be no problem 3. _________.. in the vicinity of Gangtok.


  1. when you will go there,
  2. where you will stay ,
  3. because my uncle is posted there

Q. Vipul and Vibhore are discussing their plans for college. Complete their dialogue using hints given in bracket. The first one has been done for you as an example.

Vipul: Now that the examinations are over, which college do you like to enter? (College)
Vibhore: Well, it depends on my results 1. _________. (90% or above), I will join St. Stephens. If I get less than 85%, which is quite possible, I shall join Hindu College.
Vipul: What if your marks are less than 80%?
Vibhore: Well, I don’t 2. _________. (did exams well).
Vipul: I am keeping my fingers crossed. I’ve read 3. _________. this year (marking objective). I do hope I get good marks I’ve really worked very hard.


  1. if I get 90% or above,
  2. expect to get less than 80% because I had done well in my exams.,
  3. that here is going to be objective marking

Q. Complete the given dialogues:

Chinki:: Have you bought a birthday gift for Pooja?
Niki: Yes but I don’t know 1. _________.
Chinki:: I can help you 2. _________.
Niki: That’s really nice of you, tell me 3. _________.


  1. how to pack it nicely.,
  2. if you want,
  3. what you require for packing.

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