Direct and Indirect Speech – Exercises for Class 7

In direct speech, we report the message or words in the exact words of a speaker. The words are indicated with the help of inverted commas.

When we convery what soomeone said in your own words, it is said to be in indirect speech. Here, we do not use inverted commas.


Q. Rewrite the following sentences in indirect speech.

  1. Raghu said, “I love music.”
  2. Mohit said to the teachers.”My notebook has been misplaced.”
  3. The lady said to Emma, “I love your dress.”
  4. The man said to the watchman, “Have you locked the gates?”
  5. The teacher said to the students, “You should participate in all competitions.”


  1. Raghu said he loved music.
  2. Mohit told the teachers that his notebook had been misplaced.
  3. The lady told Emma that she loved her dress.
  4. The man asked the watchman that had he locked the gates.
  5. The teacher told the students that they should participate in all competitions.

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