Dust of Snow – Important Questions

‘Dust of Snow’ by Robert Frost is a brief poem but it conveys the poet’s message coherently. The poem shows how human judgement on certain issues can be misleading. The poet depicts the crow and the hemlock tree as reasons for his changed mood and increased optimism.

Important Question and Answers

Q. In the poem ‘Dust of Snow’, how does the poet’s mood get changed?

Ans. While sitting under a tree, dust of snow falls on the poet. This seemingly upsetting incident changed the mood of the poet. He realized that he had just wasted a part of his day repenting, rather he could have utilized the same in doing some productive activity.

Q. What is the underlying message for us in our hectic life with reference to the poem, ‘Dust of Snow’?

Ans. With reference to the poem ‘Dust of Snow’, the underlying message for us in our hectic life is that we should enjoy nature to the utmost and we should have a positive outlook even towards simple acts because they can lead to the learning of greater lessons of enjoying life.

Q. A simple moment proves to be very significant and saves the rest of the day of the poet from being wasted. Explain on the basis of the poem ‘Dust of Snow’.

Ans. The poet, Robert Frost tries to convey that even simple and ordinary incidents have great significance in our life. Nothing is good or bad. It is only our thinking that makes it so. Best things in life are free of cost. Life is full of problems and obstacles. We should try to solve them rather than sitting and regretting. Some times even the unimportant things change the meaning of life. A simple action of a crow, who shook off the dust of snow on the poet, taught him a great lesson. The poet realized that he had wasted his day in repenting rather than doing some useful activity. He understood how to take adverse season in stride and work for a better life.


In this poem, Robert Frost praises and describes different positions of nature. Here he touches different aspects of natural sights. There are many things in nature that are not considered auspicious like—crow and hemlock. Crow is not considered a good bird. Similarly, hemlock tree is a poisonous tree and that is why it is the symbol of sadness. When the crow shakes off the dust of snow from the hemlock tree, it falls on the poet. Thus the poet’s mood changes due to this incident. Robert Frost, in this poem, represents the crow and hemlock tree as inauspicious. But when the crow shakes off the dust of snow from the hemlock tree, it falls on the poet. It changes his dejected mood and saves the day from being spoilt.

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