E. V. Lucas

Edward Verral Lucas, known as E. V. Lucas (1868-1938) was a famous English essayist. He has generally been regarded as the true successor of Charles Lamb. From 1889 to1892 he was associated with Sussex Daily News and later served as an assistant editor of Punch for sometime. He also rendered services as chairman to Methuen Publishers.

He was a prolific writer. Apart from an authoritative study of Charles Lamb, he produced about a dozen novels, more than thirty collections of essay, sundry works of travel, topography and art, two books of reminiscences, and a play. He called his novels ‘Entertainments’ and wrote in a kind of style relying largely upon discursive conversation but little upon plot. He was a keen observer of men and manners, and shared his pleasures amiably with his readers. His ‘wanderer’ series became a great success.

He was not a scholarly writer, but his work is characterized by clarity and good taste. He is the prime mover in the revival of the light-hearted essay, blending humour and sentiment,which was very popular in the early decades of the twentieth century.

Among his famous works are: Four and Twenty Toilers, A Wanderer in London, The Phantom Journal and other Essays and Diversions and Events and Embroideries.


Short Stories

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