Email: Experience of Drenching in a Rain

Hemant sent an e-mail to his friend Shiva Shakti describing the experience of drenching in a sudden rain. Write the e-mail.

Date: 2nd July, 2017
Subject: Experience in rain

Dear Shakti

I was going home yesterday in the afternoon. All of a sudden it started raining. It was a heavy down-pour. I had no umbrella or raincoat. I was completely drenched before I could run to a shelter nearby. I felt refreshed in the spring rain at first. But the wind was blowing heavily. It made me shiver. Other passers-by were also drenched from head to toe. They too ran for shelter. The roads were like streams. The traffic went slowly. Children made paper-boats and floated them while enjoying the rain. On the whole, it was a pleasant experience.

Looking forward to your reply.


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