Email: Peon Speaking Rude and Abusive language with Students

You are Ritwik, a student of Modern Public School, Ranikhet. You saw one of the peon of your school, speaking in very rude and abusive language with one of the students of your school. Write an e-mail to your Principal informing him the same.

Date: 13th November 20XX
Sub: Use of abusive language by peon
Dear Rishabh
I would like to share my experience of my recent adventurous trip to ‘The Himalayas’. During Diwali vacation I went to the hills of Rishikesh, where we stayed in a camp. It was like heaven, away from the pollution of the city. I had never thought hills could be so beautiful but they are really fascinating.
We did trekking which seemed to be difficult initially but soon we were at ease. We also did rock climbing and played treasure hunt. All these activities increased my confidence. I even made some friends who were there from other schools. It was a great learning experience for me.
Yours lovingly

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