Email: Visit to Shimla

You visited Shimla recently. Write an e-mail to your cousin about this visit in about 120 words.

Date: 3rd August 20xx
From: Love @ gmail. com
Subject: Visit to Shimla

Dear Vishu

Last week I went to Shimla during my holidays- It was a memorable visit. We went by Kalka-Shimla train. The most thrilling experience was the passing of train through tunnels, valleys and bridges. The scenery around Shimla was romantic and exciting. I was awe-struck by the breathtaking beauty of nature scattered all around. We visited many places of tourist interest like the Jakhu temple, Fagu, Kufri, Narkanda hills which were covered with snow. The Nalderhra golf course was wonderful. We visited the Advanced Studies Institute also. It was a worth visiting place. I enjoyed my visit to Shimla and am looking forward to my next visit to this place.

Hope the day comes soon. Pay my regards to uncle and aunty.


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