Enquiry Letter: School Bags and Accessories for New Session

You are Neelam/Rakesh, Store Incharge Diksha Stores, 32/54, Rajeev Nagar, Delhi. Your school requires school bags and accessories in bulk for the commencement of the new session. Write a letter of inquiry to the Sales Manager, Sky Bags Industries Ltd. 15/3, Ravi Nagar, Delhi enquiring about the details of goods manufactured.

Diksha Stores
32/54, Rajeev Nagar

28th August, 20XX

The Sales Manager
M/s Sky Bags Industries Limited
15/3, Ravi Nagar

Sub: Inquiry about school bags and accessories


There has been enormous demand by our customers of the school bags and accessories you manufacture for primary and secondary school students and they are inquiring about quality, price, durability, etc.

We shall feel obliged if you could please send us 100 pieces of school bags for every age group on approval and return basis.

If we find the quality and price satisfactory then we expect to purchase more from you. Before placing a large order of the bags, we would like you to send the above quantity of the desired products on approval basis.

The remaining of the unsold pieces would be returned to you at your expense within a period of one month from receipt of the products.

We hope to hear from you very soon.

Yours faithfully

Store Incharge

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