Enquiry Letter: Short-term Course in Computer Graphics

You are interested in doing a short-term course in computer graphics during your holidays. Write a letter to the Director, Easy Computers, enquiring about their shortterm courses and asking for all the necessary details. You are Naresh/Nandini.

131, Hans Apartment

29 March, 20××

The Director
Easy Computers
New Delhi

Subject: Enquiring about Short-term Computer Graphics Course


With reference to the advertisement of your prestigious institute in The Hindu, dated 25 March, 20××, I want to seek some necessary information regarding the short-term course in computer graphics provided by you.

I have just completed my class XII and now, I am interested in doing a certificate course in the same. Kindly enlighten me regarding the following:

  1. Duration of the course
  2. Fee for the course and the mode of payment
  3. Eligibility for the course
  4. Placement opportunities

I am sending a self addressed envelope. Please dispatch the requisite information at the earliest.

Thank you

Yours sincerely

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