Essay on A Rolling Stone Gathers No Moss

A Rolling Stone Gathers No Moss Essay

It is a very old saying which is as true today as a century back. Person who keeps on changing his place just for the fun of it endangers his prospects in service. He develops no self-respect or status in society. Wherever he goes, he has to start afresh from scratch, which is a considerable social handicap.

Steadiness is the key to success. It becomes all the more important in the modern concept of ‘job-hopping’. He who whimsically changes his course of action every now and then will remain a non-entity. He shall have to start afresh every time. This renders his past experiences useless. Besides, his calibre and competence find no scope to develop in the absence of past experiences.

Naturally, an individual who changes his trade frequently will suffer most and cannot progress in his calling. Such an individual hardly earns goodwill, as people refuse to trust him.

So it is better for one to stick to one place or occupation, and grab the opportunities when they arise in it. Doing so, he will be able to do justice to his own abilities and he will be able to cement his position.

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