Essay on A Walk by Riverside

A Walk by Riverside

After a hard day’s work, nothing is more refreshing than a quiet walk along the bank of a river. A kind of unknown calm and peace seems to slide into one’s soul. Every sight and sound of nature has a peculiarly soothing effect upon the human mind.

What a delightful time I had on the river last Sunday evening! Walking along the bank of the river, I enjoyed the dance of the ripples on the surface of the river, the fish darting to and fro, and the birds chirping in the trees. I also saw a herd of buffaloes swimming across the river.

But what delighted me the most was the sight of a small boy of about twelve years of age, sitting on the last buffalo like a king and singing a delightful song! It charmed me beyond measure.

The lovely bushes growing all round, the tall trees waving their branches to and fro, the fine sand under my feet, and the boats gliding smoothly on the surface of the river filled me with a deep joy.

At last I came to a bit of delightful woodland scenery. I saw beautiful red flowers in a corner of a field. How beautiful they looked as they danced in the breeze and as the golden light of the setting sun fell upon them!

I especially enjoyed the beauty of sunset over the river. The sun was sinking in the West. The Western waters were lit up with a thousand beautiful colours. The sky was filled with thousands of delicate tints and the clouds were coloured with gold and purple, and all the beautiful colours of the rainbow. Then the stars began to appear and a solemn stillness seemed to hold the air.

I returned home, full of rich and varied impressions. I felt how glorious were the beauties of Nature and how rich were her delight. I felt a calm of heart and peace of mind hitherto unfelt.

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