Essay on Annual Science Exhibition Held in Our School

Describe the annual science exhibition held in your school recently in 100-150 words.

Annual Science Exhibition Held in Our School

Jigyasa’, the annual science exhibition of our school is held on the first Monday of December every year. The whole school waits for this event most eagerly. Our school encourages the growth of a scientific temperament in students from an early age and Jigyasa is an opportunity for them to put this scientific temperament to use.

The preparation for the exhibition starts about a month before the event. This is an exhibition-cumcompetition. The exhibition is held at two levels: individual and pair. Participants submit application with a synopsis on the project. The science society of the school selects 100 projects based on certain given criteria.

The school is in a different mood and look on the day of the event. Each participant gives his or her best because ‘Young Scientist of the Year’ award is one of the most coveted awards of Delhi Public School. The sincerity and dedication of the students makes the ambiance sacred and sober. The school invites experts from the field of science and research to judge the competition. Even after explaining their projects for three hours at a stretch, students are high on energy and spirit. Such is the strength and attraction of Jigyasa.

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