Essay on Child Is the Father of Man

Child Is the Father of Man Essay

Though this proverb apparently sounds paradoxical, yet it contains an inner import. It signifies that the conduct of a child indicates what he will become when he grows up into adulthood. In fact, childhood shows the future person as morning shows the following day.

Naturally what a child learns and cultivates will be reflected in his words and deeds in the times to come. For example, if a child forms good habits right from his childhood, he will live a disciplined life later which will help him live a life full of happiness. He will be an asset to the family, society and nation.

Reversely, a boy who forms bad habits will harm himself and the society at large. Here comes the role of home and school, which shape a child’s character by making him undertake proper exercise for inculcation of virtues which are so vital for his future.

A child learns by imitation and activity, so these two methods suit the most to make him cultivate the sterling qualities of head and heart, and make him a fine citizen.

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