Essay on Children’s Day Celebration in School

Children’s Day is celebrated in your school every year. Write what you particularly liked about this year’s celebration. What did you learn from the efforts of those who planned and organized the function? How did you express your gratitude to them?

Children’s Day Celebration

Every year 14th November is celebrated as Children’s Day in each and every school of India. Every year our school plans out something new to entertain their students. I look forward to this day because it is a fun day for all children. We children are given special treatment at home, school, college etc.

On 13th November, a circular was brought by the peon from the office of our principal. Our teacher read out the contents to us. It said that all children have to come to school tomorrow in home clothes without bags, bottles and tiffins and attendance was compulsory. Our whole class was wondering why? Meanwhile, teacher continued and said that the next day being Children’s Day it would be celebrated with pomp and show and with a lot of surprises. We all started screaming with joy. Since that was the last period, nobody stopped us. When the bell rang, we started guessing what the surprise would be I couldn’t sleep whole night thinking about it?

I got up from my bed at 6 o’clock, brushed my teeth, took a bath and got ready for school. While I was running out saying bye to my mother, she asked me to carrying bag, bottle and tiffin. But I told her that this day we were free birds and we had to go in home clothes and empty handed.

All 40 students reached school before time. The gate-keeper was so kind that he was greeting every child “Happy Children’s Day, enjoy yourself”. As the assembly bell rang, we all gathered in the auditorium. After some prayers, the principal addressed us saying “Children are the future of India. Today you all are free to enjoy yourself utmost. I and my staff have tried our level best to entertain you all with big surprises. Please clap for the first performance.”

Suddenly, Dhol wala’s appeared from nowhere, they started playing the Bhangra tune. Principal Sir requested all the children to come to the floor and dance. Meanwhile, our teachers disappeared. We all danced merrily on the Dhol for nearly half-an-hour.

Then we were asked to get seated. The first show was of a nursery rhyme which was sung by our teachers in student’s uniforms. We saw this and laughed. It was somewhat a class scene with twenty teachers acting as students. And their teacher’s role was acted by Principal Sir. All teachers tried their level best to act like actors and actresses, like Shakti Kapoor reading out poem ‘Oh Lalita, Twinkle Twinkle little star’… Some in Mogambo style “Mogambo Khush Hua.” It was total mimicry which brought tears in our eyes. Laughter was echoing in the auditorium. After that, all male teachers danced on new tunes and the lady teachers sang old songs.

Then each of us was served a packet of chips, frooti and an ice-cream. Then, after two hours of amusement, we were sent to our respective classes. Our numbers were called out and each student was given a coffee mug with their names written on them.

Oh! What a wonderful day it was at school. We gathered in the hall and thanked our teachers principal and staff for giving us such royal treatment and making our day special. When I returned home, my mom and dad were also waiting with a lovely gift and then we went out for lunch.

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