Essay on Discipline

Discipline Essay

Discipline is one of the most important values. Discipline means self-control and spontaneous acceptance of proper code of conduct in the interest of collective life. Needless to say, every individual lives a life in two aspects — one for himself and the other for his society. Now his sense of discipline teaches him how to make a healthy amalgamation of the two.

Discipline claims a restraint on our willfulness and makes our freedom meaningful. It is a must in every part of life. A peaceful family or social life is impossible without disciplined conduct of the constituent members. Indiscipline causes disorder and nuisance. It destroys peace, progress and prosperity of the family, society and country.

So it is incumbent upon all people, including students and leaders, to maintain discipline and enjoy life in its true sense. No group in the form of society, department or industry can succeed without discipline. Even the largest but undisciplined army in the world cannot hope to defeat a small but disciplined army.

Success in a match, in war or in any endeavour largely depends upon the disciplined effort of the participants. So, discipline is the basis of a successful career in life.

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