Essay on Evils of Dowry

Evils of Dowry Essay

The dowry custom is one of the evils that the Indian society is inflicted with. It vitiates the sweetest relationship established between man and woman through marriage. The sacred union called marriage is reduced to mere monetary transaction owing to the dowry custom.

When this custom might have come into being, it had a noble view that the newlywed couple could have some facilities to run their household. But with time, it has turned into an evil. Now, dowry means price paid either in cash or in kind to the bridegroom by the parents of the bride during or after marriage. It is often the opening subject of marriage pacts upon which depends the happiness of the bride. So, parents are forced to buy their daughter’s happiness often at the cost of all their belongings.

Dowry deaths hit the headlines of daily newspapers. Still this practice goes on. It is a stumbling block to the progress of our nation. The law alone cannot undo this system despite harsh provisions. Every young man has to come forward to take a vow not to accept any dowry, only then the total eradication of this social evil can be realized.

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