Essay on Friendship

Friendship Essay

It is always difficult to find a true friend. It is truly said that mostly friends can only be made in childhood or adolescence, the so-called friends in youth or older age are more of colleagues than friends.

It is not necessary that a person can have only another person as his true friend. A friend could as well be a woman, a dog or an inanimate thing like a book. Gandhiji said that wife is a young man’s friend, middle-aged man’s companion and old man’s nurse. A true friend is the one who does not desert in distress.

Truly said that a friend in need is a friend indeed. He comes to help when he is needed the most. A true friend can sacrifice his own comfort, money and even himself for the cause of friendship. This is why it is called a quality divine.

Friendship Essay

Man is a social being. He seeks company of others so that he can share his things, views and needs. The society comes into being from this urge of living together. A person wants somebody’s company, a person with whom he can be closer at heart, with whom he can unlock his heart, with whom he can share his emotions and opinions. As such he is eager to make friends.

Moreover, life for him is both joy and sorrow. He is to face both pleasures and pains. When he is faced with grief, his friends encourage him and give him a helping hand. They stand by him in weal and woe. Friendship is a sheltering tree for him.

However, one must beware of false friends. Many people feign false friendship. Fake fair-weather friends mislead us for their selfish ends.

However, true friendship depends upon trust and understanding, sympathy and love. It is one of the sweetest human relations. It multiplies joy and shares grief. Wise selection of friends is essential in life. Chance makes our parents but choice makes our friends, so we must befriend prudently.

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