Essay on Generation Gap

Generation Gap Essay

Change is the law of nature. Only change is static and everything else transitory. The old order changes yielding place to the new. This has to be realized by all people, young and old. The elderly should realize that with change, their outlook must change so that they can adjust with the new situations. At the same time, the youth has duty towards the old.

The old were not born old, they were young once. Time has devoured their physical strength and energy. But all is not lost. They have profound experiences that may guide the youth. No doubt, a sense of isolation haunts the aged. It is our duty to stand by them and sweeten the rest of their life with our love and sympathy, care and consideration.

Old age homes are coming up at every place today, though they are contrary to the Indian way of life which promotes family bonds. It never supports any hiatus between the old and the young. The young should take opportunity to build upon the experiences of the aged in order to bring lustre to their future life. At the same time, the aged should take up their new responsibilities in the changed times.

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