Essay on Hobbies

Hobbies Essay

Hobbies are activities that we engage in, in our free time. We may be interested in needlework, drawing and painting or music. Other common hobbies are stamp-collecting, clay-modelling, solving crossword puzzles.

Although hobbies also entail work they are taken upon through one’s own personal choice. They are not forced upon us. They are activities that we are really interested in and hence give us a great deal of pleasure.

Hobbies make life interesting. They refresh our minds after a hard day’s work. We need to do something different in order to do our routine work effectively. Hobbies provide this variety.

Hobbies relieve us from the monotony of daily life.They fill us with enthusiasm for work and keep our energy levels high. We will go to any extent to get the things that we require, to get the utmost joy from our hobbies.

Hobbies are also useful activities. Quite a few hobbies,like stamp-collecting, widen our general knowledge about various countries of the world. When we share common interests we even get into correspondence with people of other countries.

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