Essay on India of My Dreams

Short Essay on India of My Dreams

India is my motherland. I am proud to be an Indian. Once, she was at the zenith of civilization. Her glory chiefly rests on her heritage and culture, her spirit of non-violence and universal brotherhood.

However, I am deeply pained at the sorry state of affairs that are unfolding in my motherland. But this creates a resolve in my heart to rebuild her into a better India.

Let me imagine the form of India of my dream. My India will be free from the problems of overpopulation and corruption, unemployment and illiteracy, pollution and crime, casteism and superstition. The citizens of my dreamland would be educated and enlightened, ever ready to lend their helping hand to all those who are needy and suffering. They will be secular in word and deed.

My India will uphold the spirit of unity in diversity in true sense of the word. She will lead the rest of the world towards a fuller and richer life.

Long Essay on India of My Dreams

India attained her independence on 15 August, 1947. Our freedom fighters fought for freedom with all that they had. They had dreams in their eyes. Many of them remain unfulfilled as India continues to reel under many problems. Like our freedom fighters, I too nurse dreams how India should be.

India has achieved much in different fields, as medicine, science, technology, space travel, education and other fields, yet a great deal remains to be done. The overall picture of life in our country is depressing. With rising costs and growing unemployment, the common man remains as poor as he had ever been, sometimes even worse. Though education has spread, its standard and quality is poor as it always had been. Nor is the political scene very encouraging, as most of the leaders indulge themselves in corrupt practices leading the nation to downfall for their selfish motives. While democracy is not working satisfactorily, the forces of religion, regionalism and linguisticism pose a severe threat to the unity of the country. Our leaders lack the qualities of idealism, integrity and self-sacrifice, which were abundantly in evidence during the days of the struggle for freedom.

In this bleak situation, I have dreams how India should become. It is a mistake to suppose that dreams and visions are a futile way of escaping from hard realities. A dream often inspires a person to work and strive so that it may come true.

In India of my dreams, everybody will be financially sound and prosperous, enjoying all amenities of life. This prosperity goes hand in hand with economic and social equality and justice. The wide gulf between the rich and the poor that exists today will largely disappear from India of my dreams.

India of my dream will be democratic, in which all people will live in harmony and peace, contributing to one another’s development. People will have freedom of thought and expression.

India of my dreams will be industrialised and modernised. Without industrialisation a high standard of life is not possible. However, India will not discard her ancient traditions and distinctive culture. She will embody the best in the cultures of the East and the West. People will shed superstitious, outworn ideas and there will be no illiteracy. While India will be militarily strong, she will continue to believe in non-violence, co-existence and peaceful means to resolve differences, and strive to spread in the world the messages of peace and brotherhood.

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