Essay on Meeting My Favourite Author

Meeting My Favourite Author

The thought of meeting the person who had penned the book that had changed my life gave wings to my imagination. The teacher had already announced that the student who gives maximum correct answers in the quiz conducted by the author will win a rendezvous with the author. I had read all her books.

I remember that it took a jolt from my friend to make me believe that I was the winner. My rendezvous started with the legendary author, Anita Desai, asking me trivia to make me feel comfortable. “You can ask me anything, dear,” she said. I said, “I have forgotten my questions.” She laughed and said, “Do you also write?” I said, “Yes and I want to write like you.” She said that if I tried to be like her, I would waste the unique self that I am. If every plant was like another, nature wouldn’t have been so breathtaking.

She also emphasised that reading for pleasure was a must to become a writer. I asked, “Did you become a writer because somebody’s writing inspired you to write or you had a tendency to write?” “Good question. Both.”

Our rendezvous came to an end with Ms. Desai sharing her email Id with me. Her words have etched a permanent mark on me.

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