Essay on Money Is at the Root of All Evils

Money Is at the Root of All Evils

Money is a necessary evil without which it is difficult to carry on life because we need it to meet all our day-to-day needs. There are many things which are absolutely necessary for life, and they can be enjoyed and possessed only if money is available. Money is a great blessing if handled properly. However, if one misuses it, it brings trouble.

In the present time, love for money is the cause of all evils afflicting mankind. It is love for money which compels man to commit crimes, to the extent of homicide and descending to the never before depths. It is due to profiteering which looks the other way as far as it is concerned with the welfare of society as a whole. It is selfish and looks for its own benefits only. Love for money is the cause of numerous maladies in the society.

But money has its good aspects too. It can be utilised to do constructive work and make use of it in nation-building projects. It can bring much sought after comfort to the needy and downtrodden people.

Thus, money is a double-edged knife which works as a life-saving tool if it is in the hands of a doctor but brings misery if it is in the hands of a criminal. It is the mind which makes constructive or destructive use of money.

Love for money beyond a certain degree corrupts the mind and makes it lose balance. From here the vicious cycle starts where man commits more heinous crimes to seek comfort of mind and on being unable to find it commits still more of them.

A sympathetic outlook towards the fellow beings can only bring virtues of money to the fore. Money spent on the well-being of the people is well spent.

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