Essay on Moral Values

Moral Values Essay

The problems that man is confronted with in the recent times are chiefly due to non-observance of moral values. He has grown listening to them, but he prefers to forget them when he needs them most. Non-observance of moral values comes into being because of the difficulties associated with it.

Moral values demand of man to speak the truth, conduct himself properly and be good to all people around him. But be he a businessman, an employee or a student, he finds greater mental solace in averting a difficulty by just telling a lie, and it appears to be the easier way out too. It may seem to benefit him in the short run; but in the long run, its consequences cannot be said to be good and commendable.

A man does not become great without observing some moral values, if not all. The very structure of human life is based on the moral values without which human life cannot be said to be any better than that of a beast.

We must find out the causes behind the downgrading values today. When a child commits a mistake, the elders chide him, “Don’t do this… don’t do that.” But he often sees his parents doing the very things they forbade him to do. So, the elders should lead by example. Here, the term ‘elders’ include our actors and players, leaders and successful people, because whatever they do, arouse the curiosity of all other people in the society. If they follow moral values, others are bound to follow them too.

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