Essay on Morning Walk

Morning Walk Essay

A morning walk is a fine thing to begin the day with. It is a form of good physical exercise. Manifold are the benefits of a morning walk. Everything looks fresh and fine in the early morning. The atmosphere remains calm and quiet. The pleasant wind refreshes the body and mind. A morning walker breathes in an unpolluted air, enjoys lovely sights and sounds of nature. All this soothes his soul.

Besides, a regular morning walk helps him to have a sound health. Medical science says that a morning walk keeps blood pressure in control and decreases stress and strain. It energises an individual to do his duties most fittingly.

The benefits of a morning walk are all the more essential in the modern fast-paced life. We hardly have any time to take care of our health. If the habit of morning walk has been formed right from our childhood, it stands in good stead throughout the life.

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