Essay on Mother Teresa

Mother Teresa Essay

Mother Teresa was one of the greatest gifts of God to mankind. She was an idol of love, compassion and kindness. She always thought about others and spent her entire lifetime in helping the suffering people. She was the one who brought happiness to millions of faces all over the world.

Mother Teresa was born on 26 August, 1910 in Skopje, Republic of Macedonia and was raised as a Roman catholic by her mother. Her real name was Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu. She was fascinated by the stories of the lives of missionaries and was interested in serving her life for religious causes even at the age of 12. At the age of 18, she left home to join the Sisters of Loreto as a missionary where she learnt English.

She came to India in 1929 and started teaching in Loreto Convent School in Eastern Calcutta. She served there for almost 20 years and also took her solemn vows there on 14 May, 1937. She enjoyed teaching children, but at the same time, she was utterly disappointed at seeing the plight of nearby poor colonies near her school. It was on 10 September, 1946 that she really knew what she had to do and left the convent to serve the poor and the needy. She received a basic training in medicine in Patna and embarked on the noble way to help others. She started an open air slum school and was soon joined by many volunteers. Financial support too started coming in from all over the country. The government also helped her in her cause, thus increasing the scope of her work.

She started her own order “The Missionaries of Charity” in 1950 to take care of the suffering people. It started as a small initiative, but grew rapidly. At present, the Order is served with over 4000 sisters running orphanages and charity centres worldwide. She also converted an old Indian abandoned temple into Kalighat, the Home of the Pure Heart. She had profound mercy and pity for the suffering. When she could not help much, she ensured that the lepers at least died with peace and dignity. She worked extensively for leprosy affected people and built a self-supporting colony near Titagarh.

Mother Teresa has been recognised and honoured in various parts of the world. She was awarded Padma Shri in 1962 and was awarded India’s highest civilian award, Bharat Ratna. She also won the Nobel Peace Prize for her extraordinary work. She is one of the most admired women of all time and has touched every human being on this planet one way or another.

On 13 March 1987, Mother Teresa abdicated from the head of Missionaries of Charity. She left for heaven on 5 September, 1997. Though she is no more in this world but she will always be remembered as the lady who cared and loved each and every person equally. She has left a beautiful message behind her that ‘faith and compassion can heal the world’. She once said : “By blood, I am an Albanian. By citizenship, I am an Indian. By faith, I am a Catholic nun. As to my calling, I belong to the world. As to my heart, I belong entirely to the Heart of Jesus.” In recognition of her services to humanity, she has also been beatified.

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