Essay on My Best Friend

My Best Friend Essay

Having a good friend is the nicest thing that can happen to a person. Genuine friendship is like a blessing in life. But good and true friends can be found rarely. In the present materialistic and selfish world they have become still rarer. You can find fair weather friends everywhere, but it is not easy to find a faithful friend.

Generally, all the persons whom we often call friends are not real friends. They are just acquaintances and familiar persons with whom we often come into contact. A true friend is one with whom we share all our secrets, joys, sorrows and thoughts. He is a true advisor, well-wisher and great helper. They are really fortunate who have at least one true and sincere friend. Without such a friend, half the joy of life is gone. I am really lucky in this respect.

I have a number of friends in the general sense, but in true sense of the word, Rahul is my genuine friend. He is my age and class-fellow. We have been friends for 5-6 years now. He too cherishes my friendship and regards me as his very intimate friend. We have shared our joys and sorrows such that we cannot think of life without each other. There has never been any misunderstanding between us.

Rahul is sweet-natured, soft-spoken and polite. He lives a few houses away from my house. His parents are officers in a government bank. They are rich, have their own big house, car and all other amenities of modern life. And yet he is never proud or arrogant. His parents love me like their own son. Similarly, my parents love Rahul a lot. He visits my house quite often, three-four times a day, so do I. My mother prepares special dishes for him.

We are often together and pass our time in constructive activities, like doing homework, playing games or going for long walks. We play together, enjoy story-telling and share jokes and anecdotes. We have a common hobby of playing chess. It is a mind game which we both enjoy.

Rahul is an intelligent student and his grades are always excellent. Generally, he scores the highest marks in science subjects. He helps me in my science lessons and projects. And in my turn, I help him in English. Together we work on each other’s shortcomings in an endeavour to become complete individuals. However, some students feel jealous of our intimate and sincere friendship, but we never care about them. We have vowed to remain friendly to each other all our life.

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